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Public Aviation 

Over time, aviation has moved from serving primarily state interests to serving the interests of the global community as a whole. The IFPA’s activities are centered on what is often called the public aviation function.



Public aviation encompasses states, international or regional organisations but also those stakeholders that perform specific state functions and services through delegation or other forms of outsourcing. Typical examples of these different public aviation tasks are legislative and regulatory functions (including oversight and enforcement), but also the provision of services such as Air Traffic Management or route charges.



In view of the growing tendency towards international or regional rulemaking for aviation and air traffic management, it is important to recognize the associated responsibilities and liabilities for states, organisations, service providers and other stakeholders. The goal of strengthening aviation safety and supporting the rule of law requires a balanced interaction between these parties and, where appropriate, new legislation.



It is our common interest to promote an open discussion on these important topics and to find and promote effective legal solutions wherever possible.

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